@hellolovelykc Instagram Profile 11:59 PM May 7, 2018

Beautiful! What an accomplishment! Keep pushing and keep crushing it!!!

@the.powder.room Instagram Profile 12:02 AM May 8, 2018

This is gorgeous, congratulations girlfriend I’m so happy for you!!!!

@mojicaphotography Instagram Profile 12:11 AM May 8, 2018

This is just lovely! I'm sure you will love coming to work every day!!!

@dolcebakery Instagram Profile 12:16 AM May 8, 2018

the lightest, brightest, sweetest space there ever was!!! congrats!! ✨🌱

@ameehan3 Instagram Profile 1:21 AM May 8, 2018

BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations!!

@radiance_beautifulskin Instagram Profile 2:41 AM May 8, 2018

This is GORG!!! Are you in Old OP? We need to collab-our spaces speak the same language. ❤️

@waxandhoney Instagram Profile 4:30 AM May 8, 2018

So beautiful!! Congratulations Brigid!😘

@mycalvary Instagram Profile 3:28 AM Nov 11, 2018

Hi we love praying for our followers . If you have any prayer requests , let us know! 😊 God Bless You!